Case Study: Raz Vogue Social Media Promotion

RAZVOGUE displays a gorgeous synergy with a wide range of traditions, cultures, rituals, and an extravaganza of celebration in its designer and ethnic wear in Singapore. However, we came to know about 66Creatives who are specialized in Brand identity and strategies makers. Not only do they provide creative designs but also they provide different design concepts.

What type of business is Raz Vogue?

Offering bespoke styling and beauty services to the modern stylish trendsetter, Raz Vogue is a Singaporean success story. From our first outlet in Little India, we have expanded rapidly into three bustling storefronts offering tailoring, hairstyling, and a variety of spa services. Our staff is highly trained and we pride ourselves in our use of only quality materials and ingredients.

Raz Vogue’s in-house fashion label has graced a variety of fashion shows and is all made in-house by our master tailor. Each piece is hand-sewn with fabric sourced from around the world and our consultants work with each customer to produce one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

What problem did Raz Vogue need help solving?

Raz Vogue needed help to rebuild its brand identity through creative graphic design and social media kit.

How was 66Creatives able to address the Raz Vogue social media marketing problem? 66Creatives assisted Branding gear up their design production through:
  • Discovery research
  • Profile Optimization
  • Instagram Image Sharing
  • Targeted Instagram Followers
  • #hashtag Trend Research
  • Comment & Like Management
  • Image Tagging to Friends/Followers
  • Instagram videos and IGTV Creation
  • Instagram Analytics Monitoring
  • Instagram stories


What has been the impact of working with 66Creatives for Raz Vogue?

Raz Vogue was able to effectively run its marketing campaigns and attract new clients by working with 66Creatives to get their designs done. By working with the creative team boutique was able to give their target audience a good understanding of what they do and what sets them apart from other clothing businesses.

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