Perk Coffee SG Case Study

How Perk Coffee has increased Brand Awareness with 66Creatives Studio

"There are multiple graphic designers around me but Deepak is very creative and his teamwork is excellent at work. They respond quickly and made edits Swiftly, typically within a few hours. Moreover, their costs offer a lot of value for the money"

What type of business is Perk Coffee?

Perk was started by coffee-crazy couple Paul and Serena. Their coffee journey began much earlier in Africa, where they both lived for several years. Serena grew up in Kenya where her grandparents pioneered the first Chinese restaurant in the coastal town of Mombasa. Paul moved to Kenya after finishing law school in Australia and became a farmer in Masaai land. It’s in Kenya that they fell in love with coffee and developed an appreciation for its delicious “fruity” coffees and the beautiful highland plantations.

From Kenya, they spent two years in Hawaii. Their search for great coffee continued as they explored the stunning sea view plantations of Kona, Big Island. Their spirit of adventure finally brought them to Singapore where they decided to put their roots down. Perk was born out of their passion for great coffee and travel.Perk Coffee needed help to build brand awareness and expand their New Franchise location through graphic design.

How was 66Creatives able to address the Perk Coffee design problem? 66Creatives assisted Perk coffee gear up their design production through:

  • Discovery research
  • A cost-effective design solution
  • Strong support from a dedicated design team
  • Seamless communication via email, as well as occasional calls to discuss projects.
  • A variety of graphic design services to meet Perk Branding to marketing and promotional goals. Those included designs for email and print communications.
What has been the impact of working with 66Creatives for Perk Coffee?

Perk was able to effectively run its marketing campaigns and attract new clients by working with 66Creatives to get their designs done. By working with the creative team Perk was able to give their target audience a good understanding of what they do and what sets them apart from other roasted coffee businesses.

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